Company profile

Company Profile

Mercy Education was established in 2003, (Previously Known As Multi-Ed Institute) as an independent organization, for the promotion of international education with special emphasis on student counselling and consultancy services. Its objective is to provide a formal and authorized link between international education enterprises, national institutions and the students planning to study abroad.

In order to achieve our objective we operate as a full-time Education Counseling Service. Our primary goal is to ensure that students planning to study abroad are given professional advice and information on the various requirements and procedures in a systematic manner and finally process their applications for admission. To support and coordinate education promotions, we hold seminars and exhibitions whereby needs and visions of our clients are assessed in a well-managed and quality assured manner for realization of full scope marketing objectives

In today's world, taking admission at reputed foreign universities is getting robust among students. But, due to higher competition, huge financial involvement and frequent changes of immigration policies, it is also getting tougher and expensive day by day, for the students of developing countries like Nepal.

MERCY has come up with the solution of these obstacles. Mercy Education Consultancy -came into foreign admission and student visa service at the time when the talent and genuine students and their parents was desperately looking for the honest and transparent educational consultants in their city.

MERCY team right here to meet all demands of students, as its research team can promptly find the most affordable courses at the best universities, Colleges and professional bodies. The team love to work in research as the best platform to provide a total counselling service for students. MERCY team believe that proper research and knowledge are the main tools to satisfy the students to become successful in their foreign missions.So, the MERCY is the best platform for the students to find good education on campus or online, distance learning, scholarships, paid internship, with genuine immigration guidance, and many more.

MERCY is a best guide in counselling, university/ college & course selection, admission, visa processing, pre-departure & post-arrival assistance, work & life style about the country and other things that a student needs.