• To be the Leading Education Consulting Organization, to create success stories for our students, value additions to partner Institutions and to all other stakeholders.
  • To provide an Extensive high-quality education and training opportunities with equalizations that are widely valued nationally and internationally.


  • Honesty, Commitment, Transparency & Value addition.

Our Mission

  • Commitment to grow our business with emphasis on Excellence, Honesty, Integrity & Updated knowledge.
  • To build strong and credible relationships with partner Institutions.
  • To provide customized solutions to students aspiring to study in their chosen area.
  • To gain adequate knowledge and skills for the key team members and professionally develop them to provide quality services to the students.
  • To achieve and surpass norms established by internationally reputed regulatory or certifying agencies and qualify to provide recruitment services.
  • To obtain social representation status from internationally renowned Institutions and introduce them to students, thereby facilitating the students to enroll in their desired programs while aiding the cultural diversity objectives of institutions.
  • To actively participate in the marketing plans of principal Institutions by conducting events and providing infrastructure and administrative facilities as well as supplying market intelligence.
  • To guide and enable the students to achieve desired results.
  • To counsel and advise students to select most appropriate programs and Institutions suitable to their academic quali cations and aptitude and assist them in admission formalities.
  • To provide comprehensive solutions for searching programs, identifying Institutions, improving language pro ciency, admission applications, scholarships & funding, visa applications.
  • Maintaining relationship with family post recruitment and taking a feedback from students for bene ting future students.

To assist each student on their study journey from initial decision-making to course completion, and beyond. To perform as a friendly, honest and e effectively intermediary between our students and their educational institution. Mercy Education Consultancy welcomes students to their journey as international student in Abroad . International education is the largest services export industry, with growing numbers of overseas students seeking to study as a member of our vibrant, multicultural international student community.