How to choose the best education consultancy in Nepal?

Are you planning to go abroad for studies but are not aware of how to choose the best education consultancy in Nepal that can help you with full-fledged pre-VISA services? Well, as there are so many education consultancies operating almost every day, students and parents need to be very careful and attentive while selecting the one to decide their future.

Any education consultancy in Nepal is operated with the main motive and objective of offering the best counseling and every other service. These services are dedicated to making it easy for students to choose better courses, universities, and countries. Even though all the consultancies have common approaches and goals, their way of offering services might differ vastly due to several reasons.

This blog tends to shed some light on how students can choose the best education consultancy in Nepal. So, if you are a student struggling with choosing an education consultancy, stay with us till the end of the blog.

What are the Advantages of Education Consultancy for Studying Abroad?

Not to mention but whenever we think of the advantages of education consultancies, some things that come to mind are:

  • Information about required courses, liked university, and desired country.
  • Assistance for different tests like IELTS, GRE, SAT, and other similar courses.
  • Counseling about the courses chosen and future possibilities.

However, what if we say there are so many more advantages of education consultancies other than those mentioned above? Yes, if you do a little research, reach out to multiple education consultancies, and select the best education consultancy for your abroad study plan, you can certainly get much more leverage.

Well, here are some of the overlooked advantages of education consultancy for studying abroad:

Personalized VISA Processes Guidance

A professional education consultancy can offer you the most personalized (based on your needs) VISA processing guidance to the students. VISA assistance is much more than just telling students that they need VISA to go abroad. It’s about actually helping them prepare a VISA. With a trusted educational consultancy like Mercy Education, students shall not worry about getting lost or left alone during VISA processing.

We make sure that students understand how VISA processing works, and what they need in advance. Not only that, but Mercy Education also supports them from the start till the end of the VISA processing. We understand that navigating visa requirements can be complex. Therefore, Mercy Education leaves no excuses in helping students get their hands on the visa with ease.

Course Recommendation after proper counseling

In Nepal, most of the students have a common problem. They sometimes go with the flow of their friends or believe what they see on the internet. Besides, in many cases, their parents of relatives pressure them to choose a course. Mercy Education stands against such practices. Therefore, we provide course recommendations to the students after properly counseling both students and their parents.

In many cases, students cannot complete the course they choose. This leads them to give up or change the course afterward, which can be a burden to the students. However, if you select the best education consultancy in Nepal, they make sure to shed some light on your goals and future opportunities.

Financial Planning and Scholarship Assistance

Many students overlook the financial aspect when planning to study abroad. They focus highly on getting good grades in academics, passing different tests with good results, and deciding which course to pursue and which country to choose. However, let us tell you that finance is one of the major issues that becomes an obstacle in the admission process.

The best education consultancies, not just in Nepal, but worldwide, help students understand financial planning and necessity. Besides, these consultancies also guide the students and parents to create a perfect financial plan for studying abroad. Mercy Education tries to consult the parents (especially) and students about how to manage finances for different necessities and needs of the students.

Besides, if you plan your abroad studies with the best education consultancy in Nepal, they also help you with achieving scholarships.

If you want to know more about getting scholarships in your favorite universities ir countries you look forward to moving to, get in touch with Mercy Education.

Career Guidance and Post Studies Support

This is one of the worst problems students moving abroad can face. They complete their degrees but do not find or land the job that they want to do. With the best education consultancy like Mercy Education by your side, forget about that happening.

We have successfully helped many students achieve the job of their dreams after helping them study the course they wanted in the university of their choice. We help our new students to establish a network with our past students. This helps new students a lot at the time of job hunting. Other than that, our exceptional career counselors, alumni, and connections abroad can also help students escape or never fall into the post-studies problems.

Choosing the best educational consultancy in Nepal for abroad studies can provide many benefits to the students. Furthermore, there are even more that you can explore with time. Now, let us enlighten you about how you can actually find the perfect education consultancy in Nepal for planning your abroad studies.

Tips to Select the Best Education Consultancy in Nepal in 2024

Increasing numbers of youths going abroad for studies resulted in sudden and huge growth in the number of education consultancies in the country as well. Every consultancy claims to be the best and offer the best services to the students. This makes it very hard for the students to understand which education consultancy to trust for planning their abroad studies.

Well, here are some precisely developed points that can help you recognize the most suitable and trustworthy education consultancy in Nepal for your abroad studies plans:

1. Check the reputation of the education consultancy

The first thing that you need to do is look out for how well-reputed the consultancy is. For that, we recommend you to read reviews, check their social media profiles, analyze the success rates, and remember to ask for recommendations from other students who have already gone abroad.

2. Does the consultancy hold official recognition

This process also means checking the accreditation and authorization of the education consultancy. Check whether the education consultancy you choose is acknowledged by relevant immigration and education authorities. In this way, you can be safer from any sort of future fraud and also trust the consultancy completely throughout your application process.

3. Visit the Office and Meet the Operation Personnel

Employees are the best way to understand how good a company is. Therefore, we suggest you to visit the consultancy office as soon as you check for them. You can visit the office and have some communication with the officials to understand what type of services do they provide and also analyze their proficiency level in offering education services.

4. Check and compare the services offered by different education consultancies

Don’t just visit one consultancy and finalize them as your partner for abroad studies. Try to explore at least 4-5 consultancies and then compare each and every detail about them. For example: the services they offer, the cost and fees of the consultancies, and even the success rate. Once you are done analyzing multiple consultancies, choosing the right education consultancy for your abroad studies plan becomes easier and more efficient.

While exploring different education consultancies, remember to visit the Mercy Education office and learn about our services. Choosing us depends on you but remember that if you choose us your quality education will be our responsibility.

5. Explore University Partnerships of the Education Consultancy

Sometimes the best education consultancy you find might be the right education consultancy for you because they might not have the country, course, or university you want to go for. Therefore, we recommend you check out the university partnerships of the educational consultancy before anything else.

Make sure that the consultancy offers multiple courses, in multiple universities in multiple countries just like Mercy Education. Yes, with us you can apply for multiple courses from multiple universities in 7 different countries.


Choosing the best education consultancy in Nepal is not that easy, especially as the number of consultancies is increasing day by day. Moreover, all the consultancies have the same service that is helping students reach their desired country and pursue their education in the course they want.

However, there are so many factors as mentioned above in this blog, that significantly impact which education consultation is the best for different students. We hope that this blog helps you figure out the ideal education consultancy in Nepal for the ones reading it. Besides, we also heartily welcome enthusiastic and visionary students to contact us to understand our services and move forward with their abroad studying processes. 

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