Studying abroad is the perfect opportunity to understand the foreign lifestyle, and expand your networks while gaining better academic facilities.

We help students search for and find the right university to pursue their higher studies abroad. Mercy Education offers top-class educational consultancy for students to brighten their future with a quality education from the best universities worldwide.

Many countries offer quality education and opportunities for students. However, considering any country as the best country for your higher education is highly influenced by the course you choose. Also, there are several more factors you need to know before migrating to any foreign country. Want to know which country is the best for you? Contact Mercy Education for excellent consultation and guidance.

With Mercy Education Consultancy, students can be assured of step-by-step guidance right from the first step of application till they reach their respective country. Whether you want to understand about courses to pursue, country or university to choose, and also enroll in the required exams before starting the VISA processing, we help you with all that.

You must keep an exhaustive list of documents ready for admission to an educational institute or a visa application. The requirements vary slightly depending on the country you choose, your current academic qualifications, the education institute, and the type of visa. Some of the documents are: –
a. Application Form
b. Official Academic Transcripts
c. SOP (Statement of Purpose)
d. LOR (Letter of Recommendation)
e. CV/Resume
f. Scores in Standardised Tests
g. Valid Passport
h. Proof of Funds, etc.

The sooner you start, the better when applying for admission to a university abroad. Universities take time to evaluate your application based on the academic information you’ve provided. For instance, if you intend to begin your study program in September, you may ideally apply for admission in January.

There are countless options, and educational institutes are segmented based on the subjects they offer. You may contact our education counselor to help understand your options by learning about your academic requirements.

Our counselors can connect you with international students from Nepal who have studied abroad. They may also be able to update you about the events that follow after completing your studies.